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Stainless Steel Weight Plate Pegs Pair


Heavy duty stainless steel pegs for storing weight plates on the sides of your power rack for quick access. Keep your training area tidy and organised while your plates are always within arm’s reach. Sliding plates on and off is easy and does not cause damage to the pegs or your weights.

Our Weight Plate Pegs are made from grade 304 stainless steel, so they are highly corrosion and rust resistant. A major benefit of stainless steel over powder coating or paint, is that stainless steel does not have the issue of being scratched by weight plates when they are repeatedly loaded and unloaded from the peg, so they stay looking brand new.

These Weight Plate Pegs can handle up to 300kg each. They are designed to be attached to the FITEK Modular Rack system or any rack with 21mm hole diameter and 50mm spacing, and bolt spacing is 15cm. Overall length of the peg is 32cm, and loading length is 29.5cm.

This product is sold as a pair

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