What are the health benefits
of using weights?

You will actually enjoy a number of benefits when incorporating weight lifting equipment as a part of your workout regime, including:

Improved Balance

Weight training equipment doesn’t just work multiple muscles at once – it makes them work together, which is essential for balance and coordination. Studies have shown that those who perform free-weight exercises can improve their balance almost twice as much as those who perform similar exercises on resistance-training weight machines.

Reduced Risk of Injury

One of the best ways to prevent injury is to fix up your muscle imbalances – lifting bodyweight exercise equipment is a good way to achieve this. As they load each side of your body separately, they reduce the strength differences between muscles on each side – your strong side won’t be able to compensate.

Assists With Weight Loss

The more muscle you work during a particular exercise, the more calories you’ll burn with every repetition. Gym weight equipment also allow you to perform compound movements that work your whole body at once – the exercise might seem simple but your calorie burn will be through the roof!