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J-Hooks with Index Plunger Pair


The latest and most advanced iteration of J-Hooks features an index plunger locking system to negate sideways movement for maximum stability and safety. Made from high-quality powder finished steel, J-Hooks are extra sturdy and strong enough to handle 500kg per pair. They feature a solid plastic core made from UHMW plastic that reduces noise and prevents any damage to your barbell when racking or unracking. The plastic is not just sandwiched in place but is supported from below by fully-welded steel. This prevents the plastic from being pushed down by a heavy barbell, so the bar never comes in contact with the metal.

This new and robust design also features a lowered lip height so that racking and unracking is easier and safer. The J-Hook is thin so that you are not limited when you need to take a wider grip on the barbell. At the back, the pin is made from stainless steel, which won’t rust, and the hook fits snugly to the rack without scraping the metal uprights thanks to extra nylon cushioning on all three sides.

These J-Hooks are made to fit the Modular Rack system (75mm*75mm), or any power rack with 21mm hole diameter and 50mm spacing.

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