The secrets to buying commercial fitness equipment

With such a wide variety of commercial fitness equipment to choose from, how do you know when you’re making the right choice? If you’re in the market for some new equipment, there are actually a number of things you should think about to ensure that you’re making the right choice for your gym and its patrons. We’ve outlined some of our best secrets in the list below…

  • Ignore claims that a particular piece of equipment can provide long lasting, easy, “no sweat” results in a short amount of time. These sorts of claims are false – you cannot get the benefits of exercise without exercise.
  • Question any claims that a piece of equipment can burn fat from a particular part of the body (such as the stomach or buttocks). Achieving a major change in your appearance requires sensible eating and regular exercise that targets the whole body.
  • Be sure to read the advertisements’ fine print. The advertised results might be based on more than just using the machine in question (they may also be based on restricting calories, for example).
  • Be skeptical of before-and-after photographs and from supposedly ‘satisfied’ customers – their experiences may not be typical or they may not be real at all. Just because one person saw success with the equipment doesn’t mean that you will, too.
  • Find out all the cost details before placing your order. You may find that it doesn’t include shipping and handling fees, sales tax or delivery and setup fees. Ensure that the whole purchase falls within your budget.
  • Ensure that you obtain all the facts on warranties, guarantees and return policies. What would void your warranty? Do you have to pay to return equipment that you’re not satisfied with? How long do you have to return products? How long is the warranty offered?
  • Be sure to get an idea of the customer service and support offered by the supplier. Some are more than willing to help you out before you make a purchase, but don’t want to know you once money has changed hands.

The final tip that we want to offer when it comes to purchasing commercial fitness equipment is to thoroughly compare all of the options available before reaching a final decision. Don’t forget to consider the types of equipment your patrons would benefit from most – think about what their fitness goals might be and what sorts of machines can help to reach them.