Safety considerations for using commercial multi station gym equipment

If you don’t have a whole lot of space to work with, commercial multi station gym equipment can be a dream come true. This is because it contains various pieces of equipment in a single machine, allowing users to tone and sculpt various parts of the body without the need to move. It is important, however, to consider your personal safety when using these machines.

1. Have a health check

For those new to exercising, it’s important that you undergo a health check before beginning a workout program to ensure that you don’t have any underlying health problems to worry about.

2. Ensure all parts are in good working order

By carrying out checks on the equipment, you can ensure that it is safe to use. If you notice an issue, notify a staff member immediately. If the multi station is your own, don’t use it and seek professional advice.

3. Read the instructions carefully

This equipment comes with instructions for usage (you will often find them displayed on the machine somewhere). Ensure that you read them thoroughly and understand them prior to use.

4. Perform exercises slowly and carefully

Lifting weights and performing resistance exercises should always be done slowly, as this will help you to avoid pulling or straining a muscle (not to mention sustaining other injuries).

5. Increase weight and resistance slowly

Similarly, you should increase the weight and resistance slowly to avoid injury and strain. It can be tempting to add too much weight at once for fast results, but it rarely works out this way.

6. Ensure that the equipment is clean and dry

A dirty machine is not only unhygienic, it could also cause an accident. This is why all gyms request that you wipe down machines with antibacterial spray once you’ve finished with them.

7. Ensure that the station is stable

If the equipment has not been put together properly or long periods of use have caused it to become unstable, parts could come loose and cause injury. If you notice instability, notify a trainer immediately.

Whether you’re using one at home or at a fitness centre, we hope that the considerations provided above have enabled you to use commercial multi station gym equipment as safely as possible. If you’re ever unsure about the proper way to use the machine, ensure that you speak with a trainer – it’s never worth the risk of endangering yourself or someone else.