Steelflex Hope Series Tricep Extension – GSS-HTE1200


Designed to target and develop triceps of the user, the Steelflex Hope Series Tricep Extension machine works by isolating the muscle for maximum effect. Featuring comfortable ergonomic seating and back support, as well as padded grips, the user can take advantage of an effective workout for an extended period of time – if needed. With a focus on “modelling innovation and zero-load work”, the Hope Series features a unique 360-degree rotary design and cable driving concept, making it the ideal addition to any upper-body workout.

warranty details
  • Lifetime – Frame, Welds, Guide Rods, to the original purchaser
  • 2 Years – Bushings, Bearings, Pulleys & Hardware
  • 1 Year – Labour, Cables, Upholstery, Grips & all other components
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