Premium Open TRAP / HEX Barbell


FITEK HEX / Trap Bars are ideal for farmers’ walks, shrugs, squats, and deadlifts.

FITEK Premium HEX / TRAP Barbell is a beast that can hold up to 650kg. It comes with two different handles, 39mm diameter and 29 diameters.

The stainless steel barbell sleeves are 513mm long, which can hold more plates than other trap barbells.

The standing up design will give you easy work when you load and unload the plates.

Designed to develop your leg, hip, and back power. Suitable for 2″(50mm) Olympic standard bumper plates.


Length – 2157mm
Weight – 32kg
Max Load – 650kg
Sleeve: 513mm
Grip Diameter: 29mm and 39mm
Internal dimensions 866mm x 606mm

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