How to choose the right circuit fitness training equipment

Many trainers recommend that you workout on circuit machines because they help guide you to lift with perfect form. Each machine is designed to workout a specific muscle group. In fact, a good circuit fitness training equipment routine will have you strengthening all the major muscle groups in as little as 30 minutes. In this article we have outlined 12 of the different machines available.

  • The leg press machine is designed specifically to target your quadriceps and hamstrings (your glutes are worked as a secondary muscle).
  • The shoulder press targets the muscles in your shoulders, specifically your deltoids and rotator cuff.
  • The bicep curl machine is designed to perform an isolated movement, where only your biceps are targeted.
  • The chest press helps to isolate the muscles in your chest without working out other muscles (such as those in your shoulders or back).
  • The seated row machine is designed to focus on your middle back using a compound movement (other muscles are worked out secondarily).
  • The leg extension machine is designed specifically to target your quadriceps.
  • The leg curl machine is designed specifically to strengthen your hamstrings.
  • The hip abduction machine is designed specifically to strengthen your gluteus medius muscle and your inner thighs.
  • The seated calf raise machine targets the gastrocnemius, or calf, muscle (your soleus is also strengthened as a secondary muscle).
  • The lat pulldown machine is designed to target the latissimus dorsi muscles, as well as your trapezius, rhomboids and serratus anterior.
  • The tricep press is designed specifically to target your triceps (your deltoids, pectoralis major and latissims dorsi teres are also worked).
  • The squat machine is designed to target your quadriceps, specifically those on the front of your thigh.

When it comes to choosing which circuit machines to use, you will want to select between ones that work different muscle groups. The best workouts actually have you switching between opposing muscle groups – doing bicep curls, for example, followed by a tricep workout. Keep this in mind when selecting which pieces of equipment to include in your routine.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when using circuit fitness training equipment is to ensure that you’ve properly adjusted the seats and arms so that they align with your height. The exact number of repetitions (reps) and sets that you do for each exercise will depend on whether you’re trying to build mass and gain strength or tone your body.