Five Steps To Building A Great Home Gym


If this is the year that you’re sticking to your New Year’s resolutions, then, like the rest of us, you’re probably planning on getting fit and healthy. Joining a gym can be a great way to work out, but can be incredibly expensive. Running laps around the block, on the other hand, is virtually free (after you’ve purchased a pair of runners of course) but can quickly become monotonous and boring. If you’re looking for that perfect middle ground, then building a home gym could be the answer you’ve been waiting for! We’ve outlined the steps you need to take to build an effective studio within a spare bedroom or garage.

1. Choose a Space

The first step in building an effective home gym is deciding where to put it! A garage or spare bedroom is ideal, but if you’re short on space consider the back porch or even living room if your layout allows! Avoid using a room that is cluttered, as this can be distracting!

2. Decide on a Focus

As you’re working out from home, your studio won’t be able to fit as much equipment as a commercial gym. For that reason, we recommend deciding on a focus before investing in equipment. If you love cardio, consider a treadmill and bike, as well as space for the floor exercises that get the heart pumping. If you prefer heavy lifting, invest in a weight rack and heavy plates and dumbbells.

3. Stock Your Gym

Now that you know what you want to target, the gym fit out is the next step. Research online the brands and models that other home users recommend, and then consider visiting a retail store to ask the experts for their opinions as well! It can be expensive stocking an entire home studio at once, so consider looking for a company that offers financing.

4. Organise Your Space

Shelving will immediately make your exercise space feel cramped and uncomfortable – a major distraction during any workout. However, organising your home gym is critical for remaining focused and finding your equipment when you need it. Consider weight trees and racks for your gear, or a basket or two to store resistant bands and other small items.

5. Start Working Out

It doesn’t matter how well stocked your gym is if you’re not using it! Spend some time surfing the web for workout inspiration, then prepare for a major sweat session. If you’re looking for extra motivation, invite a workout partner over and show off your new space.

Whether you’re working toward losing weight, increasing your fitness, or growing your strength, a home gym could be the perfect choice for you. If you have the space within your property, they offer an excellent alternative to visiting a commercial gym. No matter what you’re hoping to achieve, following these five steps will help you reach your goals – and investing in quality equipment will ensure your home studio rivals will be running in tip top condition for years to come. Make this the year you smash your New Year’s resolutions for good!