Depot Pickup: Changes to Storage Time

Dear Customers

Our Depot Collection Network is critical to our success and the success of many of our customers. Due to the significant increase in freight delivery during the past year, we must ensure the receiver’s goods are not taking up valuable floor space in our Depots for too long. We must keep our Depots happy or we simply risk losing their services. 

To help our Depots move freight in and out of their facility a lot faster, we have reduced the maximum free storage time from 10 days to 6 days (includes the day the goods arrive). This gives your customer 5 full days to make their collection. 

This change to 6 days free storage means the owner of the goods must collect their item with greater urgency. If they do not collect their freight within this time frame, the Depot can charge them storage fees at their own daily or even hourly rate. Alternatively, if the goods have been sitting in the Depot for over 6 days, they can request a return-to-sender delivery is made to remove the goods from their depot. This return to sender job will be charged to your account and it is your choice as to whether you invoice your customer for this charge.

Your customer is notified in advance of their pending collection (the moment you book the job) so they have plenty of time to prepare to collect their goods. They are also sent multiple text messages and e-mails reminding them to collect their freight while it is being stored for the 6 day period.

We also do our best to proactively monitor the jobs sitting in our Depots and call the owner of the goods if they have not collected their item promptly.

In order to help ensure your customer collects their goods on time, please:

  • Update your website and any other communications from 10 days storage to 6 days storage if you advertise our Depot Collection Network.
  • Manage your customers expectations by informing them the storage time is 6 days (includes the day of arrival) and there are expenses they will incur if they don’t collect the goods on time.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team via (03) 9544 5525 or via the blue button below.

Kind regards,
The Big Post Team