Whether you’re a boxing/mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran or you’re new to the sport, it is essential that you’re equipped with the right gear to ensure that you’re adequately protected. Fitness Masters can supply a range of gear (including boxing bags, punching bag stands, focus pads, reflex balls, bump/strike pads, protective head gear, MMA gloves, boxing gloves and pads, boxing shoes, MMA shin guards, martial arts shoes and more).

We stock cheap boxing equipment online and affordable mixed martial arts gear from some of the best brands in the boxing/MMA business, so you can rest assured that you (or your patrons) will be ready for anything. The gear in our boxing and MMA online store is available in a range of sizes and styles to ensure that you can find one that best meets your needs.

Boxing Gloves/Focus Pads
We have a hand protection solution to suit every occasion, from professional boxing gloves through to focus pads, in adults and kids sizes.

Boxing Bags/Stands
Our punching bags are available in varying sizes and materials. We also supply frames, stands and brackets for proper mounting.

Bump Shields/Pads
Ensure that you’re adequately protected whilst training thanks to our range of bump shields, kick shields, kick pads and more.

Speedballs/Reflex Balls
We supply speedballs and reflex balls in a variety of sizes, materials and colours to ensure that they meet your training needs.

Our wide range of accessories is designed to protect you during a fight or enhance your training – check out the range here.

Boxing Gloves/Focus Pads

Boxing Bags/Stands

Bump Shields/Pads

Speedballs/Reflex Balls

Accessories & Protective Wear

Protect The Hands

Most trainers will not allow their students to train without proper boxing or martial arts gloves and hand wraps. Wraps are necessary for protecting the hand bones, whilst gloves are used to protect the hands from direct injury (and giving the student the ability to throw harder punches).

Excellent Physical & Workout

Many people are surprised to learn that sparring or grappling for 3 to 5 minute rounds provides a truly brutal cardio workout, but it’s why you’ll usually see fighters who are in top-notch physical condition. If you’re looking for a cardio workout that will have you exhausted, grab some boxing or martial arts equipment from a MMA warehouse.

Prevent Injury Prior To A Fight

When practicing in preparation for an upcoming fight, it is important that you’re using the correct sparring gear to prevent an avoidable injury. A mouth guard will protect your teeth, whereas head gear will reduce the impact when being punched.

Learn Self Defence

If ever the need arises, you will be able to defend yourself against a would-be attacker. Although we all want to think that it will never happen to us (or someone we know), being prepared just in case could save your life one day, when you need strength and confidence in your abilities.


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