Athletic Vision Force Line – Functional Smith Machine


More complete exercises, with the Functional Smith Machine you can work out upper and lower limbs, little space and its robust but aesthetically pleasing design makes it the best option for your fitness space. With its precision biomechanics, it makes users have maximum muscle activation. Load selection maneuvers are safeguarded by a guard, which keeps fingers at a safe distance from the weight column plates.

  • The exclusive Smart Force Pulley System, ideal for load sharing and help to have the best ergonomics when performing exercises.
  • Safety and comfort for users of different profiles. As the exercise is guided by side bars, the practice of squatting becomes more stable.
    Work out upper and lower limbs, being the most complete option on the market.
  • Highly resistant with high quality material, structure with anticorrosive treatment through phosphating baths, electrostatic painting in polyester and with double layer with fixation in an oven at 200C.
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